Beijing – Day 3

Friday was our second excursion day. It was sunny and warm when we left from the hotel. First we headed to the University of Tsinghua. At the university we went to Department of Energy and Power Engineering with local engineering students. We had a short introduction to China’s energy industry and we heard about Energy Department. We also got the chance to visit at Energy Department’s labs and learned for example Tsinghua’s studies about oil drilling. We had a lunch in the student restaurant of campus and got the opportunity to get to know better with local students.


After interesting visit at University of Tsinghua we went to our second excursion. We drove to the East side of Peking where the office of Vestas located. In the Vestas local employee introduced Vestas as company and told us about China’s wind power production. China has largest wind power capasity in the world. Vestas is also selling wind turbines for Finnish wind power company TuuliWatti, which is the biggest wind power producer in Finland. We got the chance to teach our host to pronounce TuuliWatti correctly.

In the evening we had an interesting experience at Chinese Opera. The Chinese opera was exotic and different compared to the Finnish opera. After the opera we ate famous Peking duck at the local restaurant. The food was delicious and it was time to travel back to the hotel.

Now we are at the hotel and next we are going to explore in Peking’s nightlife.