Qingdao – Day 2

Laoshan Mountains

We woke up to a beautiful morning, ate delicious breakfast and started a bus trip towards the great Laoshan Mountains. We were told that we’re going to visit the most beautiful spot of the whole mountains. We couldn’t wait to see the beautiful Chinese nature again.

Some of us were a bit tired after a hard day so they opted out of the bus. The trip was a bit complicated, but we managed to arrive to our destination after couple hours’ drive. After the air-conditioned bus trip, at the destination, we immediately noticed the sunny, warm and moisturized weather.  We also thought that its going to be a long and sweaty day. Luckily we had packed enough drinking water to survive it without consequences. There was a hint of beautiful mountain views ahead of us. But from the foot of the mountain, we couldn’t even dream how nice it is going to be.

We got to experience the Chinese mass of people as we had to queue for the cable car for one hour. After the endless-feeling queue, we hopped onto the cable car as pairs and flew through the almost jungle-like woods. While sitting on the cable car we saw some large wall paintings of a bright red color.

After the miraculous swinging on the cable car, we started a climb upwards to see the best scenery. During the hike, we had to go through a mysterious cave that was formed by large boulders laying between parallel mountain walls. As brave club members, we survived the slippery stones and narrow hollows and made it to the most beautiful vantage point in the Laoshan mountain; Yangkou.

We were astonished by the spectacular views on top of the mountain. The rocks had a vertical cliff straight down just in front of us. We could see untouched nature next to us as well as a beautiful beach and Shanjiao city down below. The rocks in the mountain had slightly reddish color to them and some of the rocks had Chinese letters written to them.

After a lot of pictures in Yangkou, it was a time to head down. We split in to two groups, where others took the lift down and the rest walked down. Surprisingly the walking group was way faster than the lift group, since they had to wait again quite a long time before getting to the lift down. After everyone got down, we headed to the bus happily but also a bit tiredly after an exciting hiking in the mountains.

In the evening some of us went to see the skyline of Qingdao. All the tallest skyscrapers glowed bright red and showcased the beautiful city of Qingdao. The show also displayed some China propaganda but overall the views and the experience was pretty awesome.