Shanghai – Day 6

 On Tuesday we ate our last breakfast on the hotel since it was the day before the flight back to Finland. After that we headed to our last excursion on our trip to China. We used the subway to get there, as we had done many times before. In both, Beijing and Shanghai the subways were easy to use even with the experience in just the Finnish system. However, in Finland we don’t need to get our bags through a security check.

The excursion took place in the Finchi Innovation Center where there were many Finnish companies and the decoration in the center made it feel like a Finnish office. We were originally supposed to visit another company, but they had cancelled the excursion. Luckily, we managed to come up with the new one in quite a short notice.

A company called BMH Technology was happy to introduce their field of expertise. They design, build, install and service SRF (solid recovered fuel) production plants and solid fuel handling systems. Basically, their expertise is in making SRF from waste. They have developed their own technology to do that and their waste handling line, for example, sorts out unwanted pieces of waste that aren’t suitable to become fuel, metals for instance.

BMH Technology has delivered waste to energy – facilities all over the world: Asia, Europe and North America. In China they are facing difficulties with the moist content of the waste. This is due to the fact that waste sorting is still developing in China and biowaste isn’t sorted properly. We had a lot of question on the subject and they were all answered expertly.

After the excursion we had some spare time, and everybody headed to separate ways. Some went to buy souvenirs; some took a nap at the hotel while others had the time to visit the Yuyuan Garden. The views of the garden were phenomenal, and it was intriguing to see how the old and the new world encountered as we saw skyscrapers and the historical garden in the same picture.

Later in the evening we had our last dinner in China. During the trip we have eaten a lot of Chinese food and learned about the cuisine. One thing we all like very much in Chinese culture is the fact that people really eat together and share the food. Unlike in Finland where everybody usually has their own proportions, here we usually ordered different kind of dishes and everybody got to taste everything a little.

After getting our stomachs filled, we had some time to explore a little bit more of Shanghai’s nightlife and share our experiences in China. However, the time was come to pack our bags and get back home.