Thank you!

Thank You!

It is hard to believe that the overseas excursion is already over. The two weeks in China went so fast and we enjoyed every moment. Everyone of us feels so privileged to have been able to be a part of this trip since we learned so many things that you cannot study from books or understand without experiencing it by yourselves.

By visiting 8 different companies and organizations, perhaps, one of the main outcomes of this trip was to realize that there can be huge cultural differences between Chinese and Western companies. Not only language can set challenges in communication between management and other employees but Chinese workers are so specified to their one task that sometimes they have hard time to see the overall picture of the project. Thereby, we believe that there is demand for Finnish knowhow for managing large projects and leading large teams in an effiecient way.

This trip was successful in so many ways. Everything went better than expected and our group had an amazing team spirit – we had so much fun exploring Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao and Shanghai, and now we also have many unforgettable moments to be shared together later on.

Now we are back in Finland again and course lectures start next week in Aalto University. Therefore, the summer is officially over.

We want to thank you all the companies and organizations that supported our overseas excursion to China. It is important for students that companies are willing to support study trips like this. We are so grateful that you enabled this trip for us.