Day 13 – Moving on to Aberdeen

We travelled from Edinburgh to Aberdeen today. The journey to the train station was an adventure in itself as we couldn’t get an uber and had to take a taxi on the last minute. Also, one of us run back to the place we were staying to return a forgotten key and then ran all the way back to the train station.

In the train people played some card games and enjoyed the nice views of Scotland. Aberdeen is by the way called the Granite city, as most of its buildings are made of the grey stone. However, I would say Aberdeen is prettier grey city than the one famous city in Finland… you know which. Once we arrived in Aberdeen, we went to eat some food and chill outdoors in the sun. As we listened to some Finnish songs in the city center and danced, some people stopped to film us.

In the evening some of us walked around the city and went to see the beach and some people went to spend the evening at a park. They even met local people and exchanged a few words with them. Nice folks around here! Later on, many of us hung out at the hotel together and wondered what a great trip this has already been. We have become good friends with each other and gained many experiences and wisdoms that will certainly be useful in years to come!

Let’s see what Aberdeen still has to offer for our trip!

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