Day 16 – Last castle visit

Our last full day did not go as planned. We had booked a guided trip to the Scottish Highlands to see Loch Ness, the Culloden battlefield and other historical sites but the tour company had cancelled on us on the previous night. Luckily, we had thought of some backup options for things to do and we knew exactly where to go and what to see! Although, many of us were disappointed due to the cancelled trip but at least there’s still something to back to Scotland for.

So, we started our last day in Aberdeen by taking a bus to Stonehaven. The area has stunning landscapes: ocean view with cliff ends and farm land. We visited the Dunnottar Castle which is surrounded by the North Sea. The remaining buildings are from 15th and 16th centuries and most had only the walls and chimneys left. It was interesting to imagine how the castle was built and what the life was like in the castle hundreds of years ago. The very least, the people living in the castle couldn’t see the Kincardine floating offshore wind farm or another larger wind farm we quickly spotted on the horizon. The castle area had vast open grass areas and some of us did cartwheels there and took a forward roll competition down the hill. There was a nice cafe close to the castle and we took some snacks from there before heading back to Aberdeen for dinner.

After the visit to the Dunnottar castle we headed back to Aberdeen. After an hour-long bus ride we arrived to our hotel and were hungry like wolves which was perfect for the last dinner. We got to enjoy some American flavours on our delicious three course menu. We memorized some of the top moments of the trip and enjoyed each other’s company for the last time. Overall the dinner was amazing in both food and mood! After eating it was time to head back to hotel to back our bags for tomorrow. For some of us this was rather easy task but some had to play a bit more of this game called ”Tetris”. Tomorrow it would be time to sat good bye to Daberdeen, as we call it.

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