Day 7 – Melting glacier, beaches and puffins

Hallou! We started our second daytrip at 7.30 in the morning. Even though the atmosphere was a bit tired our Honda and partyvan headed on the road on schedule. Soon the mood changed into joy and excitement thanks to good company and jamming hits on the boom box.

Our first destination was Seljavallalaug abandoned swimming pool. It is located on the southern coast of Iceland between mountains. The pool was built on year 1923 so it will soon be 100 years old and it is also the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. The small hike to the pool was sceneric and the weather was also good. Part of us went to swim to the pool and even in to the cold river running by the pool.

After Seljavallalaug we continued our day to the Solheimajökull glacier. The glacier was slowly melting and partly covered in sand. There were also many signs telling how dangerous it would be to go hike on the glacier without proper equipments and guidance. What was surprising was that there could also be quick sand on and nearby the glacier. The view itself was stunning and it was even odd to see so big bodies of ice in one place and on August. This experience really made us realize how fragile and endangered the glaciers actually are!

After visiting the glacier we drove to a viewpoint at Dyróhlaey which is located on the South coast. There is a beautiful lighthouse and a stunning view to a black sand beach. The headland has been made in an underwater volcanic eruption. Characteristically we saw a lot of puffins.

Next we headed to Reynisfjara which is another black sand beach. We walked along this one whereas the other one we only saw from above. There is a warning sign on the beach to not go swim on the beach because people have died there. The wave there is dangerous and called ”deadly sneaker wave”.

We ended the day by visiting three waterfalls: Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss and Gljúfrafoss. Skógafoss is a 60 meter waterfall and some of us walked and even run up the stairs to the viewpoint facing the waterfall. In Seljalandsfoss we walked behind the waterfall and in Gljúfrafoss we walked into a cave to get to the waterfall. Some of us took the fast route to skip the queue and took their shoes of to get there through the freezing stream.




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