Shanghai – Day 2

Our first full day in Shanghai started with the best breakfast so far. We even had some time to enjoy the meal.

The plan for this Friday was to have an excursion at a big Chinese renewable energy company. Unfortunately, the visit didn’t happen due to the cancellation of the factory visit. We have noticed that planning and agreeing on visits is a lot different here in China than in Finland. If you’re in China, be prepared for last-minute changes.

We didn’t let this setback bring our mood down. One of our crew members found an intriguing energy-related museum. Shanghai Scientific Energy Conservation Museum was our destination and we arrived there at 9.58 am. The doors were supposed to open 10.00am. We were excited to get in but once again we noticed that things here are not as simple as you would think. The security guard only spoke Chinese but with the help of Google Translate, we understood that the museum was open only for pre-booked visits. Luckily the museum staff was extremely kind and they let us look around the empty museum. The museum introduced us to the energy consumption and production of Shanghai. The latest energy efficiency and nuclear technology, just to name a few, were presented. The biggest learnings came through fascinating conversations about different devices and energy conservation technologies between our crew members.

After this energetic morning, we were longing to make some bargains in one of the biggest marketplaces in Shanghai. Taxis arrived at Shanghai Science and Technology museum. Almost immediately when we hop out of the taxis we were asked if we wanted to buy some (real) Rolex and/or Louis Vuitton. We said of course and the guy led the way to the underground marketplace.

Making deals was surprisingly fun and we wandered from a shop to another. The prices came down quickly and the walk-away technique worked 90% of the time. Everybody bought something to take home. Some made better deals than others. And some just enjoyed the game of bargaining.

The schedule clearly stated that it was our main night in Shanghai, so we dressed up and headed out. KTV was once again our destination. For thhose whoh don’t know what a KTV is, it is a private karaoke room with a magnificent service of drinks. After many stunning performances we decided to split up and check out the hottest night clubs of Shanghai.