What is LVK?

Energy Engineering Club, LVK

Energy Engineering -Club LVK (from the Finnish name Lämpövoimakerho) has roughly one hundred members and brings together energy technology students from Aalto-University School of Engineering, as well as others interested in the energy field. The main purpose for our student association is to bring all energy students together, give them an opportunity to improve their own professional readiness and at the same time offer opportunities for potential employers to get to know the future experts in the energy field. For those students that have already graduated, there is a separate LVK-seniors – club.

The budget for our association mainly consists of companies’ supporting member fees. The yearly activities include a variety of events, that we try to develop continuously. Some traditional events include:

  • Short company visits in the capital region
  • Annual longer excursion in Finland
  • Current review of the energy field, in Finnish: Teemapäivä
  • Energiateekkaripäivä (Energy technology day)
  • Annual ball
  • Sauna evenings

The information about all of the events is sent via the club’s mailing list, websites and on the club’s notice board, which is found in the lobby of K1-building, next to the janitor’s office.

The board of LVK wants to welcome you to join our club! Active participation ensures that the activities offered by the club are rewarding to it’s members in the future.