Overseas excursion

You can find the website for overseas excursion here.

Once in a couple of years, LVK arranges an overseas excursion. The last overseas excursion was to the United States and Canada in 2017, and the next one will be held in September 2019 to China. The previous excursions and their publications are listed below.

-2017 North-America (Canada and USA)
-2015 Kenya and Tanzania
-2013 Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Italy
-2012 Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina
-2010 Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China
-2009 Arab Emirates and Egypt (Dubai-Kairo-Sharm el Sheikh)
-2008 North-America (USA and Iceland)
-2006 Russia and China
-2005 Central-America (Mexico: Mexico City-Acapulco-Taxco, Cuba: Havanna-Trinidad)
-2003 East-Europe (Bulgaria: Sofia-Borovets-Melnik-Nessebar, Poland: Varsova-Krakova)

Excursion publications

China 2019

North-America 2017


East-Africa 2015


Europe 2013


South-America 2012

Asia 2010