Cancelled: International Board Game Evening

Karttaa ei ole saatavissa

Päiväys ja aika
17:00 - 20:00

Living Room of Teekkari Village

YES - How to get there
Are you interested in energy business and technologies?
LVK (energy engineering club) is organizing a board game evening for those who know where does electricity actually come from.
The purpose of the evening is to hang out with people who share the same interests related to energy, meet new faces, and get a tiny rest before the last exams and summer work.
In the beginning, you will learn about YES-Europe (Young Leaders in Energy and Sustainability) and LVK (Lämpövoimakerho) organizations. You will be able to become a club member and always stay up to date with excursions organized to Finnish and international energy companies as well as their recruiting processes. Also, receive info about special events and of course parties!
The event is free and fully in English. We really want to have many international people joining!
Fuel for the evening will be provided in the form of snacks and spirit-lifting dinks, but it would be nice if you bring some back-up with you.
So, Wednesday 22nd of May at 17:00 at Living Room of Teekkari Village (Kylän Olohuone), Jämeräntaival 5 A
The Living Room of Teekkari Village is located at JMT 5A. Enter JMT 5 through the door at Jämeräntaival side and walk down the stairs. The Living Room of Teekkari Village is located on the right side of the corridor behind the glass walls.
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